Critical Mass: Kamel Daoud, Eleanor Marx, Joshua Cohen & “Second Thoughts”

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The Meursault Investigation by Kamel Daoud inspired reviews by three NBCC members.

For, NBCC member Heller McAlpin writes: “Some ideas are so clever it's a wonder no one has thought of them before. Case in point: Algerian writer Kamel Daoud's The Meursault Investigation, a response to Albert Camus' The Stranger, written from the point of view of the brother of the nameless Arab murdered by Camus' antihero Meursault.” Her review:

NBCC member Julie Hakim Azzam reviews The Meursault Investigation for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. She writes: “In his debut novel, “The Meursault Investigation,” Mr. Daoud corrects, or “writes back,” to Camus’ novel from the point of view of the dead Arab’s brother. The narrator tells us that “the Arab” is named Musa, and attempts to tell his story, to give voice to the voiceless.”

NBCC member Piali Roy reviews the novel for the “Toronto ...