Tor Books Acquires Annalee Newitz’s Novel Autonomous

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Annalee Newitz Autonomous Tor Books

Tor Books editor Liz Gorinsky has acquired two novels from Annalee Newitz, cofounder of io9, former editor at Gizmodo, and current Tech Culture editor at Ars Technica. The first, Autonomous, is a sci-fi dystopian thriller set in 2144; described by her agent Laurie Fox as “a novel of ideas—about the future of property law,” it explores a future in which robots are granted autonomy after 10 years of service, and humans can own other humans.

Here’s how Fox describes the book:

Autonomous features a rakish female pharmaceutical pirate named Jack who traverses the world in her own submarine. A notorious anti-patent scientist who has styled herself as a Robin Hood heroine fighting to bring cheap drugs to the poor, Jack’s latest drug is leaving a trail of lethal overdoses across what used to be North America—a drug that compels people to become addicted to their work.

On Jack’s trail are ...