How Much Does the Star Trek: Discovery Trailer Reveal?

Star Trek: Discovery binary system Oddly, we don’t actually see the U.S.S. Discovery in the first Star Trek: Discovery trailer! The absence of the titular ship is just one of many interesting aspects hiding in the first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery, the new Star Trek show coming to CBS this fall. Although light on plot information, there are nevertheless several key visuals that promise a deep exploration of Trek lore for longtime fans of the franchise. Let’s take a look! First, some basic facts: This series takes place in the year 2255, “ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise”. (The first season of the original series spans the years 2265 and 2266.) Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are high, and in a decade or so the Romulans will furtively enter the scene. Starfleet has been in existence for not-quite-a-century at this point and has just introduced ...
Star Trek Discovery Shenzhou
Star Trek Discovery robot
Star Trek Discovery sarcophagus
Klingon mummification glyph
Star Trek Discovery Michael Vulcan
Pike Spock Enterprise