Mapping Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere Raises So Many Questions About His Future Books

The Way of Kings cover art wallpaper Michael Whelan In fall of 2016 fantasy author Brandon Sanderson officially revealed in the Arcanum Unbounded collection that almost all of his books take place in a single cosmos, known as the “Cosmere”. Along with charts of each star system known about in the Cosmere, the book hinted that characters from the Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive, Elantris, and Warbreaker series had already begun quietly appearing on other worlds (i.e. other books) within Sanderson’s fictional universe. These “worldhoppers” hold the secret to the larger epic underpinning Brandon Sanderson’s novels and stories, so I got curious…what do we know so far about them? For new readers: There are some spoilers ahead, but nothing that gives away the ending of any of Sanderson’s stories or novels. First some basics, from Martin Cahill’s “Let’s Talk About Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere“:

…a long, long time ago, there was a singular entity that went by the name/title of ...

Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Worldhoppers Shardholders
Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Worldhoppers Hoid
Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Worldhoppers Khrissalla
Brandon Sanderson Cosmere Worldhoppers