Sleeps With Monsters: Comedy and Romance

I’m not exactly well known for my appreciation of the romantic comedy genre—it tends to grate—but like so much else, a really well done example can overcome all my objections. Especially if it’s short.

Cassandra Khaw’s Bearly a Lady (Book Smugglers Publishing) is short, and if it doesn’t overcome all my objections, it makes a pretty good go of entertaining me anyway. Zelda’s a werebear who works for Vogue, has a vampire roommate, and is attracted to both her neighbour, werewolf-with-extreme-abs Jake, and her coworker, the entirely human Janine. When her boss asks her to play bodyguard to spoiled and speciesist fae prince who wants to get into every woman’s pants—and who has no compunction about using his fae magic to batter down people’s defences—Zelda’s life, and her lovelife, gets extra complicated.

It’s a little surprising to find Khaw as the author of a romantic comedy. Her previous form, including ...