You Just Digested the Bad Guy: Innerspace

Howdy,! The MRGN is back, with a big fave of the Butler Sisters: 1987’s Innerspace! Action! Adventure! Theistic hysteria! The funniest depiction of bodily fluids in cinema history! Yay!

Previous entries can be found here. Please note that as with all films covered on the Nostalgia Rewatch, this post will be rife with spoilers for the film.

And now, the post!


KATE: It was “Oklahoma toy-a”.

LIZ: No, it was “Oklahoma tie-ya”.

KATE: Toy-a!


If you have no idea what the hell my sisters are arguing about here, well, I wouldn’t be surprised. But if you do, you’ve almost certainly seen 1987’s science fiction comedy Innerspace, a classic tale of “guy loses girl, guy gets miniaturized and injected into other guy’s ass. Hijinks ensue.”

(Hilariously, the Netflix subtitles do not attempt to translate his “I just drank a shot of Southern Comfort” ...