Black Mirror Season 4 is Chock Full of Easter Eggs and Other Tidbits From NYCC

Black Mirror USS Callister NYCC PaleyFest

Would you believe us if we told you that Black Mirror creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones share a background in comedy? “I think it’s a similar muscle, to the worst-case scenario bit of your brain that thinks up jokes,” Brooker said at the NYCC panel, about the series whose alternate title might as well be (as a fan said during the Q&A) Bleak Bleak Jesus Christ This Is Bleak.

Before the NYCC panel, all we knew about season 4 were the six episode titles and intriguing glimpses. After the panel… well, it’s still very much under wraps, which is part of the fun of Black Mirror. “It’s a really tricky show to promote,” Brooker said, “because there’s no recurring characters from previous seasons, so you can’t say, ‘I’ll tell you what Jon Snow is up to now.’” He likened it to an unboxing video, or a box of chocolates: “You ...

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