Edgedancer Reread: Chapters 13 and 14

Lyn: Welcome back, Edgedancers! We’re getting close to the Oathbringer release now (one month! ONLY ONE MONTH!) and whether you’ve been reading the preview chapters here on Tor.com or holding out for the full book, things are starting to feel more real! Until that massive tome is in all of our greedy hands, however, we’ve got this reread to tide you over. And with an Everstorm on the way, pancakes to eat, and scribes to harass, things are beginning to heat up for everyone’s favorite Edgedancer!

The Awesomeness

Chapter 13: Lift arrives in the Grand Indicium and confounds a fat scribe. The scribe sends for Hauka, the guard from the beginning of the story whom Lift evaded. Lift manages to get a message off to Gawx before the guards arrive to arrest her, and she Awesomes her way out of their hands until a message comes back from ...