How Conversations About AI Are Really Conversations About Everything But AI

When One Trick Pony writer/illustrator Nathan Hale did his research on how to draw a futuristic robot, he definitely shied away from giant, cool-looking mechas, because, in his words, they don’t seem feasible. After all, he reasoned, science fiction couldn’t even get a phone right: After 100 years of movies and television showing futuristic communications, not a single one predicted the small, black rectangle that’s become so ubiquitous.

“Like the stupid holographic chalkboard Tom Cruise uses [in Minority Report]—no one wants that!” he joke-raged at the NYCC panel It’s Technical: Our Future with Robots and More. “Nothing in the Star Wars universe is usable—that’s all garbage stuff. R2-D2 wouldn’t be able to get into the [NYCC] convention center!”

“I write giant, unbelievable robots,” Sleeping Giants author Sylvain Neuvel wryly interjected. Which illustrates exactly the reasoning behind the choice of panelists discussing our relationship to tech in the ...

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