Lovecraft in Downing Street: Revealing Charles Stross’ The Labyrinth Index

The Lovecraftian Singularity has descended on the world, beginning an exciting new story arc in the Laundry Files series! The ninth case in Charles Stross’ Hugo-winning series, The Labyrinth Index promises to be a weirdly alluring blend of superspy thriller, deadpan comic fantasy, and Lovecraftian horror. Learn more about the novel and check out the full cover below!

The Labyrinth Index is arrives July 2018 from Publishing. From the catalog copy:

The arrival of vast, alien, inhuman intelligences reshaped the landscape for human affairs across the world, and the United Kingdom is no exception. Things have changed in Britain since the dread elder god Nyarlathotep ascended to the rank of Prime Minister. Mhari Murphy, recently elevated to the House of Lords and head of the Lords Select Committee on Sanguinary Affairs (think vampires), finds herself in direct consultation with the creeping chaos, who directs her to lead a ...