Not the Booker prize 2017: Vote for the winner now!

After another year of decorous discussion, the final reckoning approaches for the six shortlisted books. Please place your virtual x below

It’s voting time at the 2017 Not the Booker prize. But wait! Before you dash down to the comments and make your decision, we need a quick recap of our glorious terms and conditions, our outstanding shortlist and the exciting events of the past few weeks.

It’s been a typically fascinating year. One of the biggest dramas came when The Ludlow Ladies’ Society was withdrawn from contention. It’s an event that makes this year feel quite unusual (even if it wasn’t a first). Happily, I’m confident that we’ll remember 2017’s choices for more positive reasons: this has turned out to be a very strong year, with some top-quality novels bustling for contention. The remaining five books on the shortlist make it one of the strongest to ...