Our Final 4 Theories On Who Rey’s Parents Are

We all have a theory about who Rey’s parents are. But will any of them end up being correct?

Following the reveal of the latest trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, we decided to see where our geek-laden office stood on the question of Rey’s mysterious parentage. The answers are informed by a wide range of perspectives: Some of us looked at it as a marketing question, some of us saw it as a mythology question, and some of us…well, take a look. Nothing goes where you think it’s gonna go!

Rey’s parents grandparents are: QUI-GON JINN

Qui-Gon Jinn smile

Rey is Qui-Gon’s grandchild. Look, I’d prefer she weren’t related to anyone at all, but if she must be (which seems probable, given Star Wars’s M.O.), Qui-Gon is easily the smartest and most interesting choice. Qui-Gon wasn’t big on the Jedi Order’s rules and regulations; he’s totally the ...

Rey and Han
Jar Jar Binks thumbs up
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