Sleeps With Monsters: Power Ballads and Professionals

I believe my to-be-read pile continues to grow simply in order to spite me. Well, that and people keep writing really great-sounding (really interesting!) books that I want to read, which is not something I can really complain about—except I wish I read faster, in order to be able to keep up.

Let me draw your attention this week to Molly Brooks’ 26-episode self-contained webcomic Power Ballad—which I claim for the speculative genre on the very thin grounds of it featuring a masked vigilante parkouring superheroine (without superpowers). Meera Varma is personal assistant to international popstar Carina Petersen [check]. Carina’s hobby is running around the rooftops of Los Angeles dressed in a skeleton suit lined with Kevlar interfering in crimes-in-progress. Meera figured out Carina’s alter ego within forty-eight hours of being hired, and promptly offered her personal assistant services to The Skeleton as well.

Unfortunately, after two years, ...