The Justice League Learns to Be a Team in New “Heroes” Trailer

Justice League "Heroes" trailer NYCC 2017

In the latest (perhaps last) trailer for Justice League before it hits theaters, Batman and Wonder Woman are still grieving Superman, but there’s crime that needs foiling and a bunch of new baddies. So, they try their darnedest to get Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg to assemble join their super-team. The Flash is adorable as always—that bit with the bat signal—but Aquaman is all about going it alone. Until, of course, he gets a helping hand during a big battle.

So, it’s the same growing pains the Avengers went through. Except that DC invoked Bowie with a cover of the very on-the-nose choice of “Heroes” to go with all the action.

Speaking of heroes, what’s Clark Kent doing in that cornfield? Watch the trailer:

Justice League goes all in on November 17.