Bridging the Trilogy — Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven by Spencer Ellsworth

Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven is the second book in Spencer Ellsworth’s Starfire trilogy, a space opera reminiscent both of Star Wars and of Simon R. Green’s Deathstalker. In this universe, Jorian “crosses”—part human, part genetically modified ancient powerful race—have long been used as canon fodder against the world-eating Shir by the mostly-human empire.

A Red Peace, the first volume, opened in the aftermath of a successful revolution against the empire led by a Jorian cross calling himself John Starfire. Starfire has capped his success by issuing a secret order to his most senior officers: kill all the full humans. Every single one.

In A Red Peace, drifter and spacer Jaqi discovers this when she comes across a couple of noble kids hiding for their lives. Her conscience, such as it is, won’t let her abandon them (though she wants to) and she ends up fleeing with them across ...