Facing the End: Toy Story 3

Confession time part one: When the idea of a Pixar rewatch came up, I was reluctant.

This film was the main reason why.

Because I remembered what happened the first time I saw this film.


That’s right.


Let’s pretend that most of that sobbing came from the toys.

Fortunately, thanks to Blu-Ray/DVD/streaming technology, we can now watch this film with frequent pauses for uncontrollable sobbing appreciation of the fine art and technical work that went into creating this film.

Confession time part two: I had written the above and quite a lot of the stuff below when the news broke that John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer at Disney/Pixar and one of the three writers of Toy Story 3, would be taking a six month leave of absence from Disney after reports of years of alleged misconduct towards women at both firms. The Hollywood Reporter and other entertainment ...