Our Favorite Fictionalized Scientists, Mathematicians, and Inventors in SFF

Sci-fi and fantasy writers love populating their stories with towering geniuses. After all, nothing lends credence to a work of SFF like a brilliant mathematician or an ahead-of-their time scientist. But as fun as it is to see characters inspired by historical figures, it’s even more fascinating when authors take the real person and reimagine them within the context of SFF. Recasting mathematicians as demon hunters, analysts as steampunk spies, and even Greek scholars as superheroes heightens their already astonishing achievements and puts them on a grander scale. Here are our favorite books, comics, and movies featuring famous thinkers who made the leap from the pages of historical texts to fiction!


Hypatia (Promethea)

Hypatia of Alexandria was a teacher and scholar in 4th Century C.E. By about 400 C.E., she became the head of the Neoplatonist School, and taught philosophy and astronomy for mixed classes of ...

Quicksilver Neal Stephenson Baroque Cycle fictionalized mathematicians scientists Isaac Newton
The Prestige Nikola Tesla David Bowie fictionalized versions of real-life scientists mathematicians inventors Christopher Nolan
The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage fictionalized versions of scientists
Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon
Dr. Know, A.I., Albert Einstein
Rosalind Franklin Hark! A Vagrant Kate Beaton fictionalized scientists