Pull List: The Witch Boy, M.F.K., and the Magic of Middle Grade Fantasy

It’s not often I dedicate an edition of Pull List to graphic novels or middle grade SFF, but lucky you I get to do both this month. Molly Ostertag’s The Witch Boy is a delightful, charming story of a kid accepting himself for who he really is, while Nilah Magruder’s M.F.K. is a quirky adventure tale of two kids exploring a dangerous world. While these graphic novels are perfect for tweens, there’s a lot for adults to love in them as well. And we all need a little joy in our lives, don’t you think?


The Witch Boy

Thirteen-year-old Aster grows up in a magical family where women are witches and men become animal shapeshifters. In his world, gender-based roles are clearly defined, and anyone who crosses the line is cast out. Unlucky for Aster, then, that he’s much more drawn to witchcraft than shifting. The women ...