Giving the Gift of Fanfiction

I’m not very good at giving gifts. I agonize over Secret Santa or White Elephant exchanges, and I’ve long accepted that I will never match my mother’s uncanny ability to find exactly the perfect (and unexpected) present for every person. I’ve certainly had my rare triumphs (about which I am disproportionately proud), but when it comes to the holiday season, I find myself leaning on the old adage of It’s the thought that counts coupled with a shrug and some big puppy eyes.

But there’s one arena in which I have had confidence in what I have to give: fanfic exchanges! Like a Secret Santa, participants are assigned to one another and try to come up with something that matches the recipient’s likes and personality. Unlike a Secret Santa, everyone is giving the same gift: a new piece of writing crafted for the special occasion.

Yuletide (operating since 2003) is ...