Netflix to Adapt John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War as a Movie

John Scalzi Old Man's War adaptation movie Netflix

Deadline reports that Netflix has acquired the movie rights to Old Man’s War, the first novel in John Scalzi’s space opera series of the same name. While previously in development as a television series with first Paramount and then Syfy over the past decade, the novel has now found a home at Netflix as an original film.

“Netflix is a place where a lot of fantastic entertainment is happening these days,” Scalzi said in a post announcing the news on his website. “It’s trying a lot of things and taking a lot of chances, and most people I know who are working with Netflix are thrilled about being there right now. It really seems like it could be a great place for the OMW universe.”

If you haven’t yet read Old Man’s War, here’s the synopsis for the Hugo-nominated novel, Scalzi’s debut:

John Perry did two things ...