Rachel Cooke’s best graphic novels of 2017

There were fine memoirs and a deluxe life of Chris Ware, but the year belonged to Joff Winterhart’s moving portrait of masculinity

If it were down to me, every person in Britain would get a copy of Joff Winterhart’s graphic novel Driving Short Distances (Cape £14.99) for Christmas; I simply can’t see how this marvellous, moving book about men – meet Sam, a gentle former student who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, and his employer, Keith, a boastful hairy ball of a fellow whose work seems mostly to involve sitting in his car eating pasties – could possibly fail to spread joy. But since it’s not down to me, I’ll just quietly note here that Winterhart’s book is undoubtedly my favourite comic of 2017 – and that this is really saying something, given the competition.

What a bumper year this has been for graphic books of all kinds. ...