Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga: Memory, Chapter 25

Rereading the Vorkosigan Saga Memory

Remember when Miles was just a kid, climbing the dock and jumping back into the lake down at Vorkosigan Surleau, and sneaking rides on his grandfather’s horse? All he ever wanted to be was a soldier in Barrayar’s space navy. Here we are now, in chapter 25 (I checked), and his life has taken more twists and turns than he can count. BUT SOFT, WHAT LIGHT THROUGH YONDER WINDOW BREAKS? It is the East, and Lucas Haroche is the sun.

As you may recall from last week, Miles had left Gregor’s reception and was headed to ImpSec to try to address the bogus treason charges and spring Galeni when he had a badly timed seizure.

Not that there is any such thing as a well-timed seizure.

Miles gave in to the urgings of both his adolescent driver and his common sense and went home to sleep off the aftereffects. He ...