Six Minutes in May: How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister – review

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Nicholas Shakespeare’s flair as a novelist makes a gripping story of Churchill’s unlikely rise to power in 1940

Hitler died amid the flames of Berlin in April 1945. The most reckless criminal in modern history was no more. So long as “good” Germans are at the helm of Germany today, a Fourth Reich seems unimaginable. Yet Nazism really did happen, and it came close to engulfing Britain. The BBC sitcom Dad’s Army poked fun at the feared German invasion. In one episode, Private Godfrey’s sisters are seen to prepare their Regency cottage for the most charming of guests. “The Germans are coming, Miss Godfrey,” Lance Corporal Jones warns. “Yes, I know, so many people to tea. I think I’d better make some more.”

The second world war continues to fascinate young and old alike: how to make a familiar subject new? Several large, one-volume histories have appeared in recent years. ...