Sleeps With Monsters: Therapeutic Compassion

I missed Michelle Sagara’s Grave when it came out in January 2017, though I’d been looking forward to the conclusion of the trilogy that started with Silence and continued in Touch. Emma Hall, whose necromantic power has drawn unpleasant attention from the Queen of the Dead, is on the run with her friends. If she’s going to survive and keep her friends alive—and open the doorway that leads the dead to peace, the one that the Queen has kept shut for centuries—she’s going to have to figure out how to confront the Queen and win.

And how to let go of Nathan, the boy she loved, who is now dead and bound to the Queen’s service.

Sagara’s trilogy is about grief and loss, about learning to not let oneself be defined by pain. It’s about friendship and mourning, and love. Grave takes these themes and sharpens them ...