Star Wars: The Last Jedi Confronts the Temptation to Run Away

Star Wars The Last Jedi temptation to run away Kylo Ren join me Rey

The Star Wars franchise is built on running, from that first iconic shot of Tantive IV fleeing the Star Destroyer, to Artoo and Threepio climbing into an escape pod, to Luke tracking down Yoda on Dagobah. But when Finn goes for an escape pod in The Last Jedi, it’s not because he has Death Star plans and a hologram to pass into the right hands, not to search out a hidden Rebel base or a lost Jedi master—but because anywhere is better than where he’s currently standing.

For the first time in Star Wars, running is not a heroic act.

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

When you’re playing Star Wars on the playground, or in your backyard, or in an MMORPG, it’s easy to be swept along toward your destiny. To board the Death Star and rescue a princess. To follow hidden maps and inspire Jedi masters ...

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