Time After Time After Time: Andre Norton’s Forerunner Foray

Near the end of Forerunner Foray, we discover that it’s a sort-of-sequel to Ordeal in Otherwhere. It’s not obvious at first, since it begins in a new-to-this-series setting, on the “pleasure world” Korwar, with a new protagonist, Ziantha. Ziantha is classic Norton: an orphan of unknown provenance, scraping a living however she can, with arcane powers whose full extent she’s not yet sure of.

In this case she has been taken in by an alien high up in the Thieves’ Guild, the catlike Yasa, and she’s being trained in psychic powers by another of Yasa’s employees, Ogan. When we first meet her, she’s in the midst of a caper, stealing computer code from a rich aristocrat, using telepathy and psychometry to work the heist.

In the course of her adventure, she is sidetracked by an alien artifact that obsesses her long after she makes a successful escape. Ziantha can’t ...