Arthur Miller scorned ‘public mourners’ of Marilyn Monroe, archive sale reveals

A 1962 essay by the playwright after the death of his ex-wife is one of many unpublished works in a huge archive sold to the Harry Ransom Center in Texas

Arthur Miller’s anger at the death of his second wife Marilyn Monroe is expressed in an excoriating and never before published essay from 1962, in which the playwright attacks the “public mourners” who “stand there weeping and gawking, glad that it is not you going into the earth, glad that it is this lovely girl who at last you killed”.

The playwright’s essay is one of many unpublished works found in an extensive archive of manuscripts, notebooks and letters that has just been acquired by the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas at Austin, for a sum the New York Times put at $2.7m (£2m).

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