Everything You Need to Know about Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams is a US/UK produced anthology series adapting ten of Dick’s short stories for the big screen. It’s very much in the Black Mirror style, presenting standalone episodes with strongly individual visual identities under a single banner. It starts airing in the US today (January 12th)) on Amazon Video—but thanks to some, shall we say, eccentric scheduling decisions, the first six episodes aired in the UK last year.

Here’s your guide to what to expect (avoiding major spoilers, of course), and which episodes to seek out!

Opening with “The Hood Maker” is one of the smartest choices the show makes. Julian Jarrold’s direction is Blade Runner by way of Dredd—all carefully aged vintage clothing, dust, and heat. That stylistic base gives Matthew Graham’s script something to stand up on; the episode opens confidently and never lets up.

In an authoritarian state called the ...