Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone review – an action-packed adventure

Ice Queen meets Fur tribe in a warm and exciting tale about the magic of wilderness

Abi Elphinstone’s new novel begins with a memorable image: a girl crouches, frozen, under the glass dome of a music box, unable to move or speak, witnessing horrors in a winter palace, determined to escape and regain her unique voice.

Best known for her Dreamsnatcher trilogy, Elphinstone’s latest novel is an action-packed adventure and a truly magical tale (in both senses), set in the icy north. Erkenwald is a land of mountains, forests and glaciers; it is home to polar bears, eagles, whales and wolves, as well as to the Fur, Feather and Tusk tribes. In Elphinstone’s well-orchestrated mythology, the North Star, a Sky God “carved from stardust”, breathed life into the land that still retains traces of the magic of its creation. But “darkness can come to any kingdom and so it came to Erkenwald”.

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