Snarky Spaceships and Big Guns: Revealing The Stars Now Unclaimed

In an effort to save the universe, she just might destroy it…

We’re excited to share the UK cover for the action-packed sci-fi romp The Stars Now Unclaimed! A massive, galaxy-spanning tale of war, betrayal, friendship, The Stars Now Unclaimed is the first novel in the Universe After series from debut author Drew Williams. Check out the full cover by Jack Smyth below, alongside the US cover.

The Stars Now Unclaimed publishes with Simon & Schuster (UK) on 23 August 2018 from Tor (US) on Aug 28. From the UK catalog copy:


A century ago, a mysterious pulse of energy spread across the universe. Meant to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity, it instead destroyed technology indiscriminately, leaving some worlds untouched and throwing others into total chaos.


The Justified, a mysterious group of super-soldiers, have spent a hundred years trying to ...