The Phantom Menace Also Defied Star Wars Expectations

Boy oh boy has The Last Jedi stirred up a hornet’s nest.

But, look: I’m not here to discuss that whole thing. Not at the moment, at least. Rather, let’s go back to the halcyon days of Star Was fandom, back to 1999 where there wasn’t all this debating over who was a “real” Star Wars fan or any talk about a single movie ruining the entire franchise.

Oh wait.

Like 2017, 1999 (and beyond) proved to be a contentious year for the Star Wars franchise. On May 19, The Phantom Menace was released in theatres, kicking off the beginning of the prequel trilogy and what can fairly be described as a tumultuous chapter in the Star Wars franchise. Due in part to the growth of the internet, the prequels became the target of rage, mockery, humor, discussion, debate, and pretty much everything in-between. Whether you love or hate these ...