Brave by Rose McGowan review – damn right she’s angry

The actor’s courage is palpable in this exposé that condemns Hollywood misogyny and the ‘monster’

Whatever else might be said about her, few could deny that actor Rose McGowan (The Doom Generation, Scream, Charmed) is brave. While recent explosive or erratic public appearances (shouting at a transgender heckler at a book event; babbling on talkshows) have disquieted even her supporters, McGowan’s courage is not in question. She’s the original woman who refused to shut up, whose rape accusation against Harvey Weinstein proved pivotal in felling the Miramax mogul and whose RoseArmy helped galvanise the #MeToo fight against systemic predatory misogyny within Hollywood and beyond.

Born in Italy, raised in the disturbing Children of God cult, then taken to America, where the then punk became homeless for a while (as detailed in this memoir/manifesto), McGowan, now 44, endured the kind of troubled background that merits respect just ...