Celebrate the Women of Star Wars Every Single Day in 2018!

365 Days of Star Wars Women

We’re always looking for more fun Star Wars related activities–if you are too, this will be right up your alley! Amy Richau is taking the entire year of 2018 to celebrate the women of Star Wars!

Here’s a little more about the project from Richau herself:

I wanted to do a project in 2018 about women in the Star Wars universe that would be positive and give me an excuse to spend more time devouring Star Wars content – especially content I have never seen/read/known about. The result is 365 Days of Star Wars Women. Every day I’m highlighting a new female character, actress, or crew member from Star Wars films, TV shows, books, comics, and more.

It’s a simple shoutout, but spreading the love about women in Star Wars I thought would brighten my year and perhaps yours as well. If it encourages people to check out a book, ...

365 Days of Star Wars Women, Amy Richau