Epic Fantasy that Explores Prehistory Through the Eyes of a Woman

“Prehistoric fantasy” stories make up an interesting niche within epic fantasy, combining popular fantasy story elements with aspects from stories of escapist realism. Imagine a riveting tale of woodland survival—finding water, fashioning protection from the sun, tracking game—with the implications of an epic quest—expansive vistas, wild magic, and finding out your efforts make a lasting impact on the course of human history.

Author R.A. Salvatore’s new novel Child of a Mad God adds a new tale to this niche, chronicling the story of a woman ranger/magician by the name of Aoleyn. Parent-less in a post-Neolithic fantasy world, she grows up on a desolate mountain forced to defend herself and scrounge resources from the barbarian tribe that is already there. However, Aoleyn is heir to a source of strong magic in this world, and Child of a Mad God begins just as that magic opens up amazing new opportunities for ...

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