Fëanor Rage-quits Valinor

In Which the Noldor Begin Another (and This Time Regrettable) Game of Follow the Leader and then…WTF Fëanor?!!

When last we left the intrepid Noldor in the first half of the ninth chapter, “Of the Flight of the Noldor,” they were listening to the moody but charismatic Fëanor: first trying to convince them to leave Valinor and pursue Morgoth to Middle-earth, then swearing vengeance against “whoso should hold or take or keep a Silmaril” up to and including anyone there in the audience. Since there is still much exposition to cover in this chapter, it is again easier to summarize what doesn’t happen: The Noldor don’t have a lovely picnic with the Teleri and swap sea shanties. Manwë and Mandos do not keep mum and mind their own business. And Fëanor certainly does not adopt a No Elf Left Behind policy and stand by it.

All these non-events aside, this ...

One thing Tolkien doesn't tell us here—sometimes we're on a need-to-know basis, I guess—but one of the sons of Fëanor, Celegorm, has with him on this trip a big and very valiant wolfhound. This pooch is a Very Good Boy and will one day do some incredible things, unpstaging all the sons of Fëanor (if you ask me). But unfortunately that tale is still ten chapters away!