Sarah Gailey Defuses a Bomb in Her Reddit AMA!

Sarah Gailey AMA author photo, book cover

Sarah Gailey opened her Reddit AMA by letting people know she was an officiant, so she can’t be totally surprised that someone asked her to officiate their wedding. When a fan of her Women of Harry Potter series asked if she would do the honors in the event that their boyfriend ever proposed, however, Gailey was more than up to the task:

ABSOLUTELY. I’m a stellar wedding officiant and I tear up the dancefloor. I will make all your relatives cry from emotions, and then later, from the power of my Sick Moves.

But that wasn’t all she had to offer. In the midst of dispensing writing wisdom and talking about the D&D alignment for her two pups, she also defused a bomb. With nothing but a pen, some nickels, and a slew of odd animals, no less!

Here are the highlights of Sarah “Not a Jellyfish” Gailey’s AMA: