When No One Else Will Stand Up and Fight the Obvious Evil: The “Unchosen Ones” of Fantasy

Rey The Last Jedi

It is a truth long acknowledged that an epic quest needs a Chosen One. The One Character, Chosen by Fate, Long-Prophesied, riddled with Marks of Great Portent, whose Birth Was Foretold, and Who Will Bring Balance/Right Wrongs/Overthrow Injustice.

But what about those heroes who aren’t chosen? Who see all of their friends, all of their world, go quiet in the face of an obvious evil? What about those who take up the lightsaber, the armor, the Ring, knowing all the while that, at any moment, they could be revealed as frauds? Or die without making anything better?

Today, we’re celebrating the “Unchosen Ones”.


Vin and Kelsier (Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson)

Vin Kelsier Mistborn Marc Simonetti art

Art by Marc Simonetti

Vin and Kelsier live in a world of extreme injustice, swarming with monsters and mist, curated by the all-powerful Lord Ruler. There is no resistance. Resistance always fails. As thieves, Vin and Kelsier know ...