A Wrinkle in Time Deserves a Place Next to All the Wild Fantasy Films of Your Childhood

A Wrinkle in Time, 2018

If I could take all the beloved fantasy films of my childhood and coat them in glitter and light, A Wrinkle in Time would be sitting in front of me, winking. While diehard book advocates may find themselves bothered by the changes made in this adaptation, it is a gorgeous journey that deserves the taking with a cast that literally glows in every frame.

A Wrinkle in Time manages quite a feat in taking a beloved book over half a century old, and updating for today’s children in a way that manages to broaden the themes of the story and reflect the world we occupy more presently. While it does not replicate the visuals of the book down to each description, it does promote a different visual vernacular for fantasy films that will hopefully catch on the future. I would welcome Ava DuVernay to try her hand at Oz films ...