HBO Figuring Out How to Go All-In on Game of Thrones Spinoffs

HBO Game of Thrones spinoffs prequels successor shows George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire

While we don’t yet know what parts of Westeros the Game of Thrones successor shows (the preferred term to “prequels” or “spinoffs”) will explore, HBO might want to delve deeper into the Iron Bank, because all they’re talking about right now is budget budget budget. At the “Best of HBO” panel at the INTV conference in Israel, HBO senior VP of drama Francesca Orsi and HBO programming president Casey Bloys discussed how any potential successor series would demand a larger budget than the early days of Thrones: “$50 million [per season] would never fly for what we are trying to do,” Orsi said. “We are going big.” That means fans can expect whichever of the five successor show the network chooses to be appropriately epic.

Speaking to the rising costs of various high-end drama series, Bloys said, “As a show goes on they get more expensive and as ...