In brief: Sal, The Little Book of Feminist Saints, Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – reviews

Mick Kitson has a moving tale of sisterhood and survival, Julia Pierpont runs the rule over 100 female trailblazers, and Reni Eddo-Lodge reflects on race relations in modern Britain

Mick Kitson
Canongate, 12.99, pp240

Survival is all for two half-sisters, 13-year-old Sal and 10-year-old Peppa, who escape from a violent home in a small town near Glasgow and move to the wilderness of Scotland. The atmospheric story opens just before dawn and, in Sal’s distinctive voice, details their day-to-day efforts to find food, shelter and warmth using information gleaned from YouTube videos, the SAS handbook and an Ordnance Survey map. There are traumatic memories, too – of beatings and bruises, threats of the sisters being separated by social services, and how Sal killed her abusive stepfather before the two girls fled. A vivid, moving tale about the strength of sisterhood and the struggle to survive.

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