Raw: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang review – poignant, insightful memoir

Lamont ‘U-God’ Hawkins is suing his fellow rappers for millions – now he gives his side of a hip-hop saga

The first memoir out of the ranks of the Wu-Tang Clan – a sprawling hip-hop organisation who lit up the 90s with their martial arts-themed works – is not that of their mastermind, RZA. It is not by Raekwon or Method Man, two of its bigger personalities. It is by U-God – a core, if minor, member of the original nine-strong Staten Island outfit. And there are reasons for that.

Back in 2015, the latterday Wu recorded an album – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin – and pressed only one single copy. In a flurry of publicity, it was sold for $2m to the disgraced pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli.

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