BBC’s Agatha Christie adaptation – the question is not whodunnit but why

Readers respond angrily to the BBC’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By Innocence

Who would have thought that a Guardian feminist reviewer would miss the hidden misogyny in this TV adaptation (A gloriously grim start to Christie’s crime saga, 7 April). We do indeed get the “Agatha Christie we deserve” – or rather, we get the TV adaptations we deserve, if by this we mean screenplays that mistake bleakness for profundity and cliche for character – and that reveal an innate misogyny that has little to do with Christie’s often complex, courageous, unexpected female characters.

Take Mrs Argyle. In the book, she’s conflicted, a social reformer (probably a Guardian reader!) whose painful longing for children and blindly possessive attitude to those she adopts is at the heart of the story. But here, she’s a cruel, racist abuser who even in Lucy Mangan’s review pretty much deserves to die. Well hello ...