Five Non-Fiction Books About Fairies in the Real World

Lots of novels, including my Tufa series, deal with fairies. The first stories we hear are usually fairy tales of some sort, whether involving actual fairies or merely set in a world where they’re possible. But fairies aren’t just relegated to fiction; in many places their reality is accepted just like guitars and the internet. These aren’t small chaste creatures flitting between flowers, either: true fairies are often large, warlike, and terrifying. And even when they are small, it’s best to treat them as if they could still kick your ass, which is why they get referred to by euphemisms such as the Good People or (my favorite) the Other Crowd.

As a writer who enjoys diving down research rabbit holes, I’ve read many books about real fairies. Here are five of my favorites.

The earliest major work to describe real encounters with the fairy folk was probably The Secret ...