Magical Exiles: The Fairies of Sadieville by Alex Bledsoe

The Fairies of Sadieville is the sixth volume in Alex Bledsoe’s much-praised Tufa series; as far as I know, it’s intended to be the final volume, too. Set in the mountains of East Tennessee, the Tufa novels revolve around the community of people known as the Tufa—people who were in the mountains before the first European settlers arrived, and around whom there are many legends. Including the legend that they’re related to the Fair Folk of Irish and British folklore.

That legend, as readers of the series thus far will have gathered, is more true than not.

When Justin, a graduate student at a local university, finds an old film reel locked away in the office of his recently-deceased advisor and labelled “this is real,” he and his girlfriend Veronica decide to watch it to find out what it shows. The film shows a young woman with ...