‘Cocky’: romance writers are weak at the knees for a double-entendre

Cocky Cowboy author Faleena Hopkins has trademarked the word ‘cocky’. What romantic potential could she possibly see?

The world of romance fiction was flushed this week as it turned out that the word “cocky” had been trademarked. Faleena Hopkins, whose oeuvre includes Cocky Cowboy, Cocky Biker, and Cocky Soldier, wrote to rivals demanding that they retitle their own novels containing the word “cocky”. The genre guild, Romance Writers of America, is consulting its lawyers. Meanwhile, is such use of “cocky” just a silly double entendre?

A cock, of course, is a male hen, as well as a night watchman, part of a gun, the gnomon of a sundial, or “a spout or short pipe serving as a channel for passing liquids through”, according to the OED, which gently suggests that last sense as giving rise to the word’s common use for the male member. “Oh ...