All the Genre-Bending Books Coming Out in July!

You’ve got your alternate history; you’ve got your classic retellings; you’ve got your appearances of the Old Testament God and your talking Jesus and Mary lawn ornaments (in two different books!). You’ve got a new take on Sherlock Holmes and an annoying sibling who happens to be a superhero—and you’ve got a murder at Comic Con. Which do you read first?

Keep track of all the new releases here. Note: All title summaries are taken and/or summarized from copy provided by the publisher.



Thoreau’s Microscope—Michael Blumlein (July 1, PM Press)
The politics and terrors of biotech, human engineering, and brain science are highlighted in this selection of short stories with Michael Blumlein’s signature mix of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and wicked humor. The title piece, “Thoreau’s Microscope,” is a stunning mix of hypothesis and history, in which the author inhabits Thoreau’s last days to explore ...