Revealing Kate Heartfield’s Alice Payne Arrives

A disillusioned major, a notorious highwaywoman, and a war raging across time…

We’re thrilled to reveal the cover to Alice Payne Arrives, the first of two new rollicking adventures from Kate Heartfield!

Alice Payne Arrives is available November 6th from Publishing. From the catalog copy:

It’s 1788 and Alice Payne is the notorious highway robber, the Holy Ghost. Aided by her trusty automaton, Laverna, the Holy Ghost is feared by all who own a heavy purse.

It’s 1889 and Major Prudence Zuniga is once again attempting to change history—to save history—but seventy attempts later she’s still no closer to her goal.

It’s 2016 and… well, the less said about 2016 the better!

But in 2020 the Farmers and the Guides are locked in battle; time is their battleground, and the world is their prize. Only something new can change the course of the war. Or someone new.


Alice Payne Arrives Kate Heartfield