15 Rituals The Tor.com Office Has Developed

Tor.com has existed on the internet for 10 years. And when you work in an office and you also work on the internet, where one day gives you a week’s worth of events to react to, you develop a lot of shorthands and rituals to get through the day.

Some of these rituals are straightforward, like our Friday/Monday morning watercooler-style breakdowns about the latest blockbuster, with everyone hashing out what they liked and didn’t like. (Chris hated Infinity War, for example, sparking off a Tor.com Infinity War War.) Some of these rituals are specific to the people here, like the weird voices we use to irritate/amuse one another when we’re feeling low on energy. And then there are the internet-specific rituals: Videos and in-jokes and events we keep coming back to time and again because…well, we’ve never figured out the “because”.

Here are some of ...

unicorn lamp
Greg Hildebrandt Angel of the Gods
What Horses Teach Us
3 origami office dragons
City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival menu
Maid in Manhattan Voldemort
Star Wars textposts Twitter