“F— Batman”: The First Titans Trailer is Insane…ly Bad

Titans trailer fuck Batman SDCC 2018 Robin DC Universe streaming service

The DC Universe streaming platform has revealed the first trailer for its ~dark and ~gritty series Titans, and it’s… basically the equivalent of a rebellious teenager acting out, against the backdrop of music that keeps repeating DARKNESS DARKNESS DARKNESS over and over. Or is that MADNESS? We can’t tell, because we can’t stop laughing watching it.

Never mind that there was an excellent Teen Titans animated series way back when. Nah, what we need instead is Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), detective by day and masked vigilante by night. If him moodily throwing an R-shaped shuriken isn’t enough to let audiences know that he’s rejected being the Boy Wonder, then they’ll be sure to get the message with his growly response to baddies looking for the Caped Crusasder: “Fuck Batman.” Oooh, someone’s tough.

The series also looks surprisingly gory:

The official synopsis from DC Universe is pretty bare:

Titans ...