Maria Dahvana Headley on Defeating Writers Block, Monsters

Maria Dahvana Headley took to reddit for a rollicking AMA full of monsters, women who are emphatically NOT monsters, and some terrific writing advice.

Check out the highlights below!

Headley’s latest novel is The Mere Wife (check out our very positive review here) which updates Beowulf by bringing it into the suburbs and looking at the roles of warriors and monsters in today’s society. Most of all, it focuses on the women in the story—Willa Herot, the most fabulous of the glittering housewives of the Herot Hall gated community, and Dana Owen, a military veteran suffering from severe PTSD who’s just trying to raise her boy, Gren, in peace.

You can see where this is going.


So…why Beowulf?

What’s your attraction to Beowulf? What in it begs for reinterpretation, and what is that you consider its heart? (JoshuaACNewman)

Maria Dahvana Headley: It was always Grendel’s ...